Monday’s Martial Madness: Fortune Cookie Wisdom

It’s that time again boys and girls for that magical, mystical ride into the untold wisdom of the Cookie of Fortune. Not to be confused with the Wheel of Fortune of course. You can eat a cookie, but a wheel won’t work out for you because a rolling wheel will gather no floss…or something. Let’s see what the Magical Cookie Makers have to say below…

I remember in kindergarten getting glue on my fingers, which led to several joyful minutes of peeling what seemed like scads of dried glue from my skin. I especially loved when it got into the little crevices where hang nails pop up. Those blobs of glue popping out like tiny logs that I rolled around in my fingertips for eternity. Ah, those were the days. As an adult, I don’t mind getting glue on my fingers, it’s still fun to peel off and all, but getting love all over my hands? Wouldn’t that muck up my assemblage of fingers? Can you scrape love off of your hands? Is there a Handi Wipe for that?

Not sure if peeling glue off fingers or skin - Futurama Fry - quickmeme
Or love????

Imagine if the world WERE held together by love like glue. Geez, we’d be getting stuck together, stuck to each other, stuck ON each other. Hugs would be TIGHT. Kissing? Well, I mean there is some lubrication to keep those lips from permanently latching. We might become face-huggers then where will we be???? WHEW. We’d have to be careful who we are showing love to, otherwise we’d end up on Jerry Springer, or The Dr. Phil show explaining how we just aren’t that into them.

Anyway, just to be safe, let’s just love each other safely and keep the glue out of it. Shall we?

Cuz I'm stuck like glue! | Friends quotes funny, Friends quotes, Quotes

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